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Partition of tuna meat

Every part of the tuna meat hasn’t the same quality.
Tuna meat is divided into two parts, and since in our language doesn’t exist a name mfor them, we will use the Japanese name.

Above, back, and lenten part of tuna, called AKAMI. It’s divided into three arts from head to tail and they are:

-SEKAMI( medium quality);
-SENAKA(best quality);
-SESHIMO(weatest quality).
Here the price of this meat moves from 15-20 € for kilogram frozen, to 25-30€ for fresh. Of course, we talking about clean meat, without skin and bones.

The lower part of the stomach and the most fatty part of tuna, name is TORO. And he also shared on 3 parts, viewed from head to tail:

-HARAKAMI OR OTORO ( the highest quality and the most fatty);
-HARANAKA OR CHUTORO ( medium quality) and
-HARASHIMO (weatest quality of TORO).
TORO haven’t here to buy, bcause there is probably a crucial price, that ranges in the west from 120-150€ for kilogram. This is the price for OTORO and CHUTORO and price for HARASHIMO is much smaller.

It is interesting  that the AKAMI and TORO, have a different taste.

TORO has a nicer color, far brighter and permeate with white fat lines, compared with AKAMI, which has a stronger and aggressive dark-red color.